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CorelDRAW Colored Nodes Registry Hack

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CorelDRAW Colored Nodes Registry Hack
CorelDRAW Colored Nodes Registry Hack

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CorelDRAW Colored Nodes Registry Hack

Model Number: NODES-01
Color code your nodes in CorelDRAW X5, X6, X7 and X8
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One of the tasks you do often when working with vector graphics is node editing. It isn't glamorous at all and the only way to truly get good at it is to get your hands dirty and do some node editing. There are two minor changes in CorelDRAW X5-X8 that can make node editing much easier.

First, you may want to change the size of the nodes. In earlier versions, they were small and that was your only choice. With CorelDRAW X5-X8, you have the option of staying with the default of small nodes or changing them to Medium or Large. Go to Tools | Options | Workspace | Edit and you'll get the dialog shown below. Note, the dialog box looks slightly different in each version though the drop-down for node size is identical in each.

Large CorelDRAW Nodes

Sample Large Colored Nodes CorelDRAW I've put an orange box around the setting you may want to change. I've got mine set to Large and love it! This can be especially important for anyone running CorelDRAW on a higher-resolution monitor. Those tiny nodes are just too darned small to edit.

OK, that change is somewhat documented and easy to modify. There is another change that requires a modification to the Windows Registry. To make it easier for you, I've created a file that will make the changes for you automatically. Once the registry has been modified, you'll have color coded nodes. Cusp nodes will be red, smooth nodes will be green and symmetrical nodes will be blue. And if you made them large, they are really easy to see. At right is a sample of an object with multiple nodes of each type that are color-coded and large.

First, download the registry modification file by clicking the Add to Cart button on this product. The file is less than 1 KB in size so it will download really fast. Inside the zip file you download is the "REG" file for modifying the Windows Registry (three files, one for each version of CorelDRAW) and a ReadMe file with instructions. Editing the registry is considered dangerous so you will probably get several warnings. If this scares you, don't make these changes! That said, the file is perfectly safe and the only thing it does is change a "0" to a "1" in the registry so that nodes will be colored in CorelDRAW X5, X6, X7 or X8.

Make sure CorelDRAW is not running. Just to be safe, you may want to restart your machine before making this change. When you double-click the REG file to run it, you may get the warning box below. If you want to make these changes, click YES.

CorelDRAW Colored Nodes User Account Warning

After that dialog, you may get another scary looking dialog telling you that making changes to the registry can be very dangerous. If you wish to continue, click YES.

CorelDRAW Colored Nodes Registry Warning

After installing, you may want to restart. The next time you launch CorelDRAW, you'll have colored nodes. Enjoy!

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