CorelDRAW Unleashed Magazine


Designers are always looking for inspiration to bring creativity to their projects. Of course, they also want ways to get their work done in less time. CorelDRAW Unleashed Magazine brought you the information you need to boost both your creativity and your productivity.

What Makes CorelDRAW Unleashed Special?

CorelDRAW Unleashed is an electronic magazine delivered in PDF format. Not all electronic magazines are the same, and CorelDRAW Unleashed is not simply an electronic version of a print magazine. Instead it is designed to fully take advantage of the PDF format and your computer screen. Bookmarks are integrated to take you directly to the article of your choice along with any of the advertisers. Articles include links to related information on the Web as well as sample files (if needed) that allow you to work along with the article.

Contributors to the magazine include some of the top names in the CorelDRAW community. We published as much quality content as possible in each issue.

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Every issue of the magazine is listed above. There were no issues prior to the October/November 2007 issue and none after the August/September 2008 issue.
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