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Below are excepts of each of the most recent posts that have appeared in the Graphics Unleashed Blog, Vehicle Templates Unleashed Blog and Web Design Solutions Unleashed Blog. You can read and interact with the full post by clicking on the post title. View all of the posts by visiting each of the blogs using the links above.

  • My Experience on the GoDaddy Pro Advisory Council

    I know that when some people hear the GoDaddy name that it doesn’t always bring a positive response. It could be the risque commercials of the past or maybe it was an experience with their products or services. Yes, GoDaddy is aware that some have a less than positive perception. In June of […]

  • Tech News Digest for January 12, 2018

    There was a lot of news this week coming from the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). And bad news with all the processors flawed with Spectre Meltdown. Check out the latest headlines below and click to read the full stories. A laptop with three days of battery life: It’s coming Microsoft Phone: […]

  • Vehicle Template Tips: Modify Using Your Software

    Twice in one week, we spoke with vehicle template clients who called with questions about our templates. One was looking for a template we did have in our collection but was “wrong”. His client’s vehicle had windows on the rear driver side of a cargo van and no windows on the […]

  • Larry Flashlights Brighten Up Your Life

    When I was a kid, I would have been pretty unhappy if I received a flashlight for Christmas. This year I got one and it really excited me. Yes, I have one and I got it for free. It wasn’t from the manufacturer or Amazon though I do get a very small commission if you […] The post Larry […]

  • Tech New Digest for January 5, 2018

    There was a week hiatus during the holidays where we didn’t publish Tech News. That simply means there are more links than normal in this week’s edition. Click on the headlines below to read the full article and get updated on all the latest in Tech. Do a 15 minute cybersecurity […]

  • New Vehicle Templates for the New Year

    Welcome to 2018 & with the new year comes new vehicle templates. Additions include the MAN Lions City G 2004, LONDON TAXI TX 4 2010, IVECO Daily 2014, BMW X3 2017, FORD Figo 2017, VOLKSWAGEN Tiguan Allspace 2017 and the TOYOTA Auris Touring Sports 2017. To […]

  • Don’t Fall for a Scammy Virus Alert

    While I was in the process of the makeover of this Graphics Unleashed site, I was all of a sudden greeted by a full screen message (see below) claiming I had the Zeus Virus. It even talked to me in a somewhat Stephen Hawking voice and told me to call a number to get the […] The post […]

  • Two New Intel Processors, One Extreme and One Very Good

    Most like every computer user would love to have the best processor available. Unfortunately it isn’t always practical. While there may be a reader or two who goes for it, the rest of us can only dream about the Intel Core i9-7980XE. Yes, that’s a link to Amazon where I would receive a […]

  • Graphics Unleashed Has Received a Major Makeover

    The last ten days of a year are typically very slow traffic days for the Graphics Unleashed Blog and I took that opportunity to give it a major makeover. Let’s look at a quick history of the site. It was migrated from the Blogger platform to a dedicated domain on a WordPress site in April […]

  • Tech New Digest for December 22, 2017

    We are in the middle of the holiday season when some things slow down and others are non-stop. I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and do well on your Festivus feats of strength. I’m going to take a break from blogging until early in 2018 so I’ll also wish you a […] The […]

  • Switching Our Phone Service to Ooma and Connecting to Alexa

    Several years back we ditched our landlines and switched to RingCentral. This saved us quite a bit each month and worked well for a few years. At some point we started to have serious problems with getting a dialtone on our main business line. Hours and hours of time on the phone with technical […]

  • More December Vehicle Templates

    More vehicle templates coming your way as the Holiday Season approachs. New additions include the MERCEDES BENZ E-Class 2014, JEEP Wrangler 2007, NISSAN Titan 2016, PEUGEOT 207 SW 2009, CHEVROLET Traverse 2017, CHEVROLET Bolt EV 2017, FORD Fiesta 2017, CHEVROLET […]

  • Tech New Digest for December 15, 2017

    Unfortunately I didn’t get out a Tech News digest due to a very full slate of projects. I’ll try to include more links today. Before I get into the news of the week, I have some tragic news to pass along. Loyal readers may remember the many training guides put together by Tom Anzai. We […]

  • What Happens When You Put a Keyboard in the Dishwasher?

    Last week I told you I bought the exact same keyboard I’d been using for years. It was actually the third one I’d purchased over the years. The shocking part for many readers came at the end when I said I was going to put the old keyboard in the dishwasher? “You’re going to […]

  • Holiday Season is a good reason for more Vehicle Templates

    The holiday season is a good reason to add more vehicle templates to our collection. New additions include the MITSUBISHI L200 2016, MAN TGM LX 2017, OPEL Crossland X 2017, MERCEDES BENZ G-Class 2007, MERCEDES BENZ CLA 2013, MAN Tge 2017, VAUXHALL Astravan 2012, CITROEN Grand C4 Picasso 2016, […]

  • New Collection of Technology Seamless Textures

    Due to a full calendar, we didn’t get the latest collection of seamless textures released quite as soon as we expected. The latest is our third collection of technology-themed textures. As with previous released, you can get them in a “Lite” version and a “Pro” […]

  • Filter Forge 7.0 Released With New Speed and Features

    I’m an avid user of Filter Forge and have been for several versions now. So when I was asked to write a little something about the latest version, I was happy to do it. Yes, I was provided with a free copy with which to write this review. As I looked through the list of […] The post […]

  • Announcing Vehicle Template Price Changes

    Effective February 1st, 2018 we will be changing our Vehicle Template prices. It has been 8 years since we’ve had a price change. Our best-selling product, the annual download access Vehicle Templates that includes all our templates, vehicle graphics, sign templates, fonts and high-res […]

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