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CorelDRAW Unleashed On-Site Training Sessions

Unleashed Productions knows that every organization uses CorelDRAW differently. We have put together a flexible on-site training program that can be customized to accomodate your company’s special needs. Our program combines the best of two proven training techniques: hands-on and live presentation. Each day, students will complete focused, customized training to strengthen knowledge and understanding and improve proficiency. Post-course feedback from diverse industries consistently remarks on improved illustration skills and heightened productivity of training attendees.

Customizing the On-Site Training Session

We customize the training session to meet the needs of each individual client. We’ll work with you to identify your needs and put together the best possible agenda.


foster-256x256Foster D. Coburn III is the founder of Arizona-based Unleashed Productions. He is the author or co-author of thirteen best-selling books on CorelDRAW including CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed. He has been a featured presenter at many conferences and trade shows in the United States and abroad.

Since 1993 he has trained over 10,000 CorelDRAW users at training presented throughout the world. You will not find a better CorelDRAW instructor anywhere in the world!

What Attendees Are Saying

“You exceeded my expectations. I’ve worked with Corel for 10 years now. Had I attended your Boot Camp 5 years ago, you would have saved me thousands of hours. I considered switching to Illustrator purely out of frustration due to lack of support from Corel. Now I’m convinced that I’ve made the right decision sticking with Corel.”

“A lot of info to cover/retain in 3 days. Obviously you’re very well prepared and provide great backup info and utilities in both CD and hardcopy formats. I will definitely recommend to my upper management team that our other Corel users take this training. Great job. Thanks for everything!”

“Can’t tell you how many things I learned in Boot Camp that I use almost everyday…and I think I’m just scratching the surface of Corel’s power. Hardly anyone I know or work with uses Corel, but I find it a powerhouse software. Thanks for being there and for all you do!”


All prices listed below include all travel and expenses. These prices cover up to 20 students in a training session. For each additional attendee, add $50 per attendee per day to the prices shown. This way you know the total cost of the training up front. We may not be the least expensive option for training on Corel’s graphics products, but we do offer product expertise that no one else can match!

You are welcome to resell spaces in the training session at whatever price you like.

North America Outside North America
One Day $2,800 One Day $8,800
Two Days $5,000 Two Days $11,200
Three Days $7,200 Three Days $13,600
Four Days $9,400 Four Days $16,000
Five Days $11,600 Additional Days $2,400 each

Contact Us

The sooner you have Unleashed Productions provide training for your organization, the sooner you realize the benefits of the increased productivity. Contact Unleashed Productions today so that we can get some custom training planned for you. Either call us at (800) 736-8973 or [safe_email][/safe_email] .

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