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hire-the-geekNeed a little help with something? Let the Geek help you get it done by investing in a few minutes of Geek time. What types of things can the Geek for you? Below is a list of several common tasks, though this is only a small example of areas where he can help. Not sure how many minutes you need? Send the Geek an e-mail and he will give you an estimated time. If he guesses low, he’ll still complete the job even if it takes longer than quoted. If you invest in some minutes, the Geek will do as much as possible in that amount of time. Why isn’t the Geek free?

  • Phone Consultation: From time you time you’ll run into a problem that you just can’t solve. You want to get someone else to help, but you just don’t know where to turn. That’s where the Geek will come to the rescue. He will work over the phone with you to find the solution for your problems!
  • Online Consultation: Sometimes it is easier to solve a problem with some visuals. The geek can either look over your shoulder virtually (by viewing your screen online) or by allowing you to watch the Geek’s screen. Even better, it could be a combination of both.
  • Email Consultation: Maybe the issue is best resolved via e-mail. The Geek is happy to help you by trading a few e-mails.
  • File Conversion: Need to get a file (or files) converted from one format to another. Or have a file (or files) modified in some way. Let the Geek do it for you!
  • File Troubleshooting: Got a file (or files) causing you problems? Let the Geek troubleshoot the files and get them cleaned up.
  • Social Media Profile: Having the right cover graphics and description on your social media profiles is extremely important. Let the Geek help you create the cover graphics and write your descriptions so you can get the most from your social media networks.
  • Create Social Media Content: New to social media and need some help writing good content to share with your network? Let the Geek help you write your Facebook posts, tweets, Google+ updates and more.
  • Web Site Review: You’ve got a Web site, but it isn’t doing as well as you’d like. Let the Geek review it for you and report back with suggested actionable changes.

There are many other areas where the Geek can be of help, but they don’t easily fit into a small block of minutes. You can also hire the Geek to present a Webinar, for a speaking engagement, customized training, as an expert witness or some other form of consulting. Send the Geek an e-mail and he will discuss these options with you.

If you would like more than 60 minutes of Geek time, just add multiple blocks of time to your shopping cart.

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