Nesting Features of eCut Designer Toolkit for CorelDRAW

One of the main functions of eCut Designer Toolkit for CorelDRAW is that it allows you to nest objects in a few seconds for CNC or plotter cutter.

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Nesting is a very powerful function that helps you to prepare object for plotter or CNC machine!

In a few seconds the Nesting function can allocate selected objects on specified sheet. In the latest version, you can see result of nesting without the need to return to CorelDRAW! You can change parameters of nesting and try to nest objects again and again. And when you are happy with the result, you can apply all changes in CorelDRAW.

For correct results all shapes must not intersect themselves.

You can zoom-in and zoom-out on the preview, select objects and change its parameters, like ‘use as container’.

Bottom buttons let you control process


Sheet width and height – size of material.

Use active page size – allows you to use page size as sheet size.

Reduce sheet size – you can reduce all sheet sizes (L,R,T,B).

Edge padding – allows you to set empty space between nested objects and sheet bounding box.

Minimum distance – minimum distance between two shapes that can be achieved.

Allow inside – function to put small objects inside big ones.

Search for best result – function to compare a few results and show only the best (slower).

Divide by color – allows function to place shapes according to their colors. (No; On different sheets; On same sheet; On same sheet without mix)

Approximation – quality of approximation. (Auto; High; Middle; Low)

Fix angle – function to prevent rotation (No, 90, 180, Do not rotate)

Origin point – nesting origin point.

Fit shapes – how to nest.

Create bounding box – create rectangles after placing.

Block order

Distance between blocks

Rotate 90deg. after nesting


Some recommendations are included to help you when working with the program.

Text nesting – always set approximation to Middle or Low, and Fix angle = 90 deg. This will force program to rotate text only on 90 degrees which gives better results

Complex shape nesting – set approximation to Auto. Also, if you see bad nested shape – click on it and set Fix angle = No – it can help.

If you have time – activate searching best result, it will reduce process time, but will make result better. Also for aggressive nesting you can select any shape at preview and in popup menu set fix angle = no to all – it can make result more compact.

To set shape container – select it in preview and in popup menu set ‘Use as container’.


Nesting – this is the only function that can be automated for use in other macros.

If you have a need to integrate nesting in your macro, it’s easy enough to do – there is a separate procedure. Initialize it and you’ll be able use nesting without need to press OK button.

Below is an example and list of parameters for this function. Example is for CorelDRAW X7 32-bit, for any other version just change the name of the library:

Private Declare PtrSafe Function eCutPro Lib “c:\eCut\eCut6\DLL\eCut17r6.dll” Alias “eCutR6Pro” (ByVal f As Integer, ByVal f2 As Integer) As Integer
‘eCut Function launcher with parameters
Public Sub FLauncher()
eCutPro 0, 1
End Sub

0 – nesting number
1 – preset number

How it works

Color dividing

Nest inside container

Text nesting

Result selector

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