SimpleSeps SmartRIP – Color Separations and Halftone RIP for Screen Printers

SimpleSeps is the Ultimate Color Separation and Halftone RIP Software for Screen Printers

The most powerful screen printing halftone RIP software and color separation application for screen printing. SimpleSeps was developed to give you the best halftone and color separations automation available. Everything you will need in one software package, halftone RIPing, color separations, trapping, choking and more. All in one affordable package for less than just halftone RIP software.

  • One click color separations
  • One click white bases and under bases
  • One click converts designs to spot colors
  • One click color information and spot color densities
  • One click tinted color palettes

With SimpleSeps you can literally do hours of work in minutes.

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Want to Print Halftones for Screen Printing?

SimpleSeps will convert your separations and graphic objects to printable halftones directly in CorelDRAW.

Want Complete Control of Your Halftone Printing?

SimpleSeps empowers you to effectively manage your spot colors and tints or densities. Spot color tints and densities are printed as halftones and SimpleSeps give high speed complete control of your spot color tints and densities.

This means you have complete control of your halftone printing!

Want to Eliminate Color Separation Errors?

SimpleSeps automates color separations and white bases. This dramatically reduces the potential for human error in white bases, color separations and traps and chokes.
Separation, white base, trapping and choking errors result in wasted materials such as film. ink. screens and emulsion. These errors also produce down time in production as screens have to be reclaimed, re-burned and then the job needs to be registered again.

SimpleSeps virtually eliminates these errors while super charging your work speed and halftone control.

Want to Save Time?

SimpleSeps will super charge your work flow in CorelDRAW. Time is money and SimpleSeps will give you more time to dedicate to other aspects of your design work and running your business.

Want to Save Money?

Eliminate costly separation errors and reduce the amount of time you or your art department spends managing and separating spot color designs in CorelDRAW. SimpleSeps provides you with the tools that will save you time and money as this powerful plug-in pays for itself again and again.

Want to Blow Your Clients Away?

SimpleSeps will give you more time to dedicate to the creative aspect of screen printing design work. Which will allow you to produce better designs for your clients.
SimpleSeps Separates Vector and Raster Spot Color Objects in CorelDRAW.
With SimpleSeps you can auto separate and manage, vector objects, monochrome bitmap objects and duotone bitmap objects.

Now you can develop high-end looking designs and effects with the Fashion Factory, AdvancedArtist techniques and art easily and quickly and then separate your designs with a click.

Get the SimpleSeps Edge!

In today’s competitive screen printing industry you need every edge you can get to compete with your competition. SimpleSeps provides you with a number of powerful tools at a very affordable price.

You will save time, save money, increase your productivity and have control over your spot color separations and printing. SimpleSeps will give you the time to produce better designs and prints faster giving you an edge over your competition.

SimpleSeps Screen Printing Halftone Software Requirements

CorelDRAW Versions: SimpleSeps 3 works with the full retail versions of CorelDRAW X3, X4, X5 and X6. SimpleSeps 4 works with the full retail versions of CorelDRAW X6, X7, X8 and 2017. SimpleSeps requires VBA for CorelDRAW and will not work with the educational versions and OEM versions of CorelDRAW.

Computer Requirements: A Pentium 4 processor with at least 500 megabytes of RAM is required to run SimpleSeps effectively. More powerful systems will produce faster results with the plug-in.

Everything you need to master CorelDRAW, high-end design, color separations and blow your clients away

Color management in SimpleSeps halftone RIP software
Color separations in SimpleSeps screen printing halftone software
Spreading and choking in SimpleSeps halftone RIP software
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