Thousands of seamless textures for graphics projects

seamless patterns of bitmap tiles create a tiled backgroundSeamless textures can be tiled infinitely without having any seams visible. Also known as bitmap patterns, seamless patterns, tiled backgrounds or seamless tiles among a long list of names. At right is an example of a technology pattern with four individual seamless tiles. The lower right piece has been moved slightly to show how pieces fit together. Pattern edges blend perfectly with the piece next to it! This allows you to fill any sized area with the seamless texture of your choice.

Seamless textures are not operating system dependent (PC, Mac, Linux, 32-bit, 64-bit, etc.) and work in all versions of any software that supports seamless textures/patterns. You can get high-resolution seamless textures in the Pro collections or download lower-resolution seamless textures in the value-priced Lite collections. All products are available to download as soon as the purchase process is completed.

Most popular graphics software supports use of seamless textures. That includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Xara Designer Pro and more. Seamless textures can also be used in 3D software such as Cinema 4D, Bryce 3D, 3DS Max, Lightwave 3D and more.

View all of our Seamless Texture Collections to find the perfect textures for your project!

Seamless Textures Collections


Textures Unleashed Volume 1: Wood

125 different seamless wood textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 2: Metal

119 different seamless metal textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 3: Stone

133 different seamless stone textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 4: Terrain

119 different seamless terrain textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 5: Fire and Ice

123 different seamless fire and ice textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 6: Ground and Plants

130 different seamless ground and plants textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 7: Floor, Wall and Bricks

118 different seamless floor, wall and bricks textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 8: Fiber

128 different seamless fiber textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 9: Tile and Path

122 different seamless tile and path textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 10: Marble

122 different seamless marble textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 11: Crystals

129 different seamless crystal textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 12: Technology

142 different seamless technology textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 13: Metal II

129 different seamless crystal textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 14: Diamond Plate

142 different seamless technology textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 15: Circuits

144 different seamless circuit textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 16: Aliens

144 different seamless alien textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 17: Floor & Wall

144 different seamless floor and wall textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 18: Tiles

144 different seamless tiles texture


Textures Unleashed Volume 19: Brick

144 different seamless brick textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 20: Wood II

144 different seamless wood textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 21: Technology II

144 different seamless technology textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 22: Metal III

144 different seamless metal textures


Textures Unleashed Volume 23: Diamond Plate II

144 different seamless diamond plate textures

Seamless alien textures

Textures Unleashed Volume 24: Aliens II

144 different seamless aliens textures

Textures Unleashed Volume 25: Floor Wall II

144 different seamless floor & wall textures

Textures Unleashed Volume 26: Brick II

144 different seamless brick textures

Textures Unleashed Volume 27: Tiles II

144 different seamless tiles textures